Leinonen logo download and usage

The Main Logo

The Main logo consists of honeycomb element and wordmark "LEINONEN".

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Secondary Logos 

In case the main logo cannot be used due to technical reasons, the following monochrome alternatives are allowed. 

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Protected Area

The logo has to have some space around it. This is called the "Protected Area". 

Prohibited logo usage

We do not allow the logo's color or tilting to be changed. Altering or deforming the logo's shape or the individual parts and proportions of its elements is not allowed.

Leinonen Colours

Main identity colours are purple (CMYK: 55/90/0/0) and orange (CMYK: 0/30/100/0). Secondary identity colours are variations of purple. 

Leinonen Fonts

Use for headlines only

We have opened new accounting offices in Stockholm and Oslo

Akzidenz Grotesk
Main corporate font used for content in corporate materials

Typeface used for content in everyday documents
Proper accounting practices help your company be successful and safe from any unpleasant surprises. We join the cumulative knowledge of 25 well trained and experienced accounting specialists to offer you solutions for all kinds of financial matters. We have liability insurance that safeguards our clients.

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High Quality Accounting, Payroll and Professional Advisory Services in 12 countries

Eastern Europe and Scandinavia offer a considerable number of investment and business opportunities

There are multiple reasons for business to invest in Eastern Europe. Some companies are attracted by growing economies and the increasingly wealthier middle class. Others simply want to reduce costs or benefit from the relatively skilled labor force. However, as the level of cross border transactions increases, companies want to monitor and control their financials more intensively. A reliable accounting partner becomes a valuable asset.

We have been helping international companies for years in the region. Our accountants and advisors are familiar with the issues that arise in challenging market environments. We will help you discover the full potential of your target markets.

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Ukrainian banks’ permission to identify individuals Jul 04

The National Bank of Ukraine has proposed to grant third parties (banks) the right to identify and verify individuals when opening bank account.