International Accountancy Group

Leinonen Group is an accountancy and advisory company with international and Eastern European knowledge and experience gathered from over 20 years in operation. Our 14 offices can be found in the capital cities of 11 countries – Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia, and Ukraine.

Our service portfolio includes accounting, administration, payroll management, advisory and auditing services. The selection of services on offer in any given office may vary due to the individual needs of the different markets, the size of the offices and the resources available. We serve a large number of international and local customers in a professional and trustworthy manner. 

Safe and convenient methods

Outsourcing accounting services to Leinonen Group prevents the customer from needlessly investing too many valuable resources into people, software or infrastructure in-house. In addition, financial and legal risks are minimized when operating with professionals. Even cross-cultural communication is easy when the language, frequency and methods are agreed together.

Secure and ease your business operations by working together with Leinonen Group. 

We are able to provide

  • Up to date local and international knowledge in the field of accountancy
  • Communication in English, Finnish and the local language
  • Information about the economic situation, risks and trends in the business region
  • Reliable network of partners and relationships with local authorities
  • Strong expertise in operating in challenging business environments

High Quality Accounting, Payroll and Professional Advisory Services in 11 countries

Eastern Europe and Scandinavia offer a considerable number of investment and business opportunities

There are multiple reasons for business to invest in Eastern Europe. Some companies are attracted by growing economies and the increasingly wealthier middle class. Others simply want to reduce costs or benefit from the relatively skilled labor force. However, as the level of cross border transactions increases, companies want to monitor and control their financials more intensively. A reliable accounting partner becomes a valuable asset.

We have been helping international companies for years in the region. Our accountants and advisors are familiar with the issues that arise in challenging market environments. We will help you discover the full potential of your target markets.

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Why choose Leinonen

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Latest news

Updates in Estonia related to reverse charge on metal products Nov 22

It has been reported that issuing invoices will be simplified for traders of metal products.
As it has become clear that too many metal products are subject to national reverse charge, some of the products are to be removed from the reverse charge list as of January 2018.