6 Great Reasons to Outsource Payroll

Payroll management can present challenges regardless of a company’s size. For small businesses with few team members, finding time to manage payroll is often tricky when balanced with other important tasks.

On the flipside, larger companies with many employees usually have more complex payroll calculations to handle. And businesses operating cross-border must navigate a whole new set of intricacies.

Outsourcing payroll can help a business:

1. Save time.

Manually managing payroll is a laborious, intensely time-consuming task. For small business owners doing this singlehandedly, time constraints may become overwhelming. With expert input to streamline procedures and automate as much as possible, businesses can save hours of precious time each month.

2. Avoid mistakes.

Not only do mistakes with things like overtime, holiday pay and sick pay cause practical issues, but they may also reduce your employees’ trust in you. And while a single accountant cannot be expected to have the expertise to resolve every possible scenario, a team can pool their knowledge and efficiently find the right solution in the most unique situations.

3. Communicate accurately and efficiently.

With an automated payroll system set up by experts, payroll information can be communicated to employees clearly. Detailed breakdowns can quickly answer employees’ questions around how their take-home pay has been calculated (e.g., why sick leave salary is different).

4. Improve security and confidentiality.

By entrusting all payroll services to one provider that prioritises the anonymity and confidentiality of personal and financial data, you can minimise the number of individuals with access to sensitive information. Payroll data can also be encrypted and password protected when sent to employees.

5. Access specialists.

Employment and tax laws are constantly changing, and these alterations can be hard to keep up with. This may be particularly true if you are operating in a new country. An accounting firm with local knowledge can be consulted for advice on these complex issues and changes.

6. Guarantee accurate tax calculations.

Calculating tax and deductions correctly will prevent unnecessary and costly interactions with bailiffs. Tax laws vary from country to country, so if you are operating in a new territory, hiring an accounting firm with local expertise is highly recommended.

To find out how Leinonen can help your company stay compliant with local laws while streamlining and automating payroll processes, arrange a consultation today.

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