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Although Bulgaria is an EU member state, it does not yet use the Euro and retains various unique regulations and traditions regarding accounting, labour relations and more. As a result, setting up a foreign-owned business here presents unique challenges.

There is no substitute for having an ally in Bulgaria who can help ease your entry into the country. For a growing number of business people, that ally is Leinonen.

Our Purpose

Leinonen was founded on a very simple principle: that providing outsourcing services to foreign-owned enterprises would give them a better chance of success. We have never given up on that purpose. If you want to succeed in the Bulgarian market, we can help.


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Why Choose Leinonen Bulgaria

Whether you plan on opening a subsidiary office in Bulgaria, or you are an entrepreneur with an idea for a stand-alone enterprise, the team at Leinonen are here to help. The scope and quality of our services are unmatched and the talent and professionalism of our staff shine through in everything we do.

We provide a high-quality, tailor made service with a professional standard of communication and reliability. When you work with Leinonen, you will feel confident in the knowledge that you have a stable, long-term partner supporting you in Bulgaria.

Establishing a company in Bulgaria and guiding it to success is no small achievement. While the country is considered pro-business, navigating regulations still requires patience and an understanding of local laws and customs. Going it alone is asking for mistakes and setbacks. That’s where Leinonen come in.

Business people come to us in order to take advantage of what we offer, including:

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Why Choose Leinonen Bulgaria

Establishing a company in Bulgaria and guiding it to success is no small achievement. While the country is considered pro-business, navigating regulations still requires patience and an understanding of local laws and


Trying to get a foreign enterprise off the ground is a stressful and uncertain process. We remove much of that stress and uncertainty by providing reliable accounting, payroll, and other services. When you partner with Leinonen, important components of your business are running smoothly right out of the gate.

Time Savings

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to success in a foreign country is the learning curve involved in understanding local accounting, taxation and payroll standards. When you outsource your accounting and other business processes to Leinonen, you not only reduce the learning curve, you eliminate it.


A more efficient business is a more flexible business. Outsourcing core business processes to Leinonen will make your company both more efficient and more flexible. This enhanced flexibility means you will be better able to respond effectively to shifting market forces or challenges caused by significant economic developments.

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