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Our legal services help clients receive reliable advice regarding most day-to-day issues encountered by a foreign-owned business in Bulgaria. Should your operation become involved in a larger legal dispute, we reach out to local law firms for assistance.

Legal Services in Bulgaria

Any entrepreneur or corporation looking to open a company in, or expand into Bulgaria need to have their legal services sorted out as early as possible. The right legal services in Bulgaria can help with everything from company and tax registration, representation to authorities, contracts, IP protection and more.

About Legal Services in Bulgaria

Starting a new business, opening a representative office, or extending your retail footprint into a new country is a process that’s full of potential challenges. Even though Bulgaria is part of the EU they still have their own way of doing business. In order to ensure your foreign-owned business is able to thrive in Bulgaria, you need legal services which reflect a strong understanding of the Bulgarian marketplace.

The Benefits of First-Class Legal Services in Bulgaria

Whichever type of business you plan to open, you will need legal services you can rely on. Legal matters can develop very quickly. For that reason, you need excellent legal services that can prevent an unfortunate situation from getting even worse. When you receive Leinonen’s legal services, you can expect:

  • Immigration issues will be handled quickly and effectively.
  • Your company registration process will proceed without difficulty.
  • You will obtain your tax ID number with minimal hassle.
  • You will receive useful advice when it comes to negotiating contracts.
  • You will receive help in acquiring a suitable office, retail, or industrial space.
  • Your company will be in compliance with GDPR regulations.
  • Expert legal advice is never more than a phone call away.

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When operating in a foreign country, the quality of your legal services is one of the keys to success. If you plan on opening a business in Bulgaria, make sure you contact Leinonen first. We can help you secure the right legal services for your business and can provide expert advice on starting and running a business in Bulgaria.

Don’t let issues related to tax law, contract negotiations, lease agreements, intellectual property protection and more cause problems for your Bulgarian enterprise. Get in touch with Leinonen today.

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