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Belarus tests citizens' income database

In Belarus, an information base on the incomes of citizens is being tested. This was reported by Deputy Minister for Taxes and Duties Ella Selitskaya during an on-line conference in the Belta agency on the draft law on comprehensive adjustment of the Tax Code of Belarus.

"At present, the database on incomes of citizens has been put into trial operation and is being tested. To ensure the formation of a database on the incomes of citizens, it is proposed to establish a duty for organizations and individual entrepreneurs to provide quarterly information on the incomes of citizens to the tax authorities electronically, starting January 1, 2019, " said Selitskaya.

According to the Deputy Minister, the database has a wide range of applications: it will be used to provide citizens with non-cash housing subsidies on the basis of an indicative principle, a comprehensive analysis of the effectiveness of tax benefits provided to citizens, and when the tax authorities perform their functions to control the completeness and timeliness of tax payments budget.

As reported by PrimePress, data on incomes of citizens will include information about all types of accrued income (salary, dividends, interest on bank deposits, etc.)


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