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Belarus tightens customs regulations for physical persons

Starting from 01.01.2019, physical persons traveling to Belarus will need to take into account new, reduced norms for tax-free import of goods.

Currently, persons traveling to Belarus through ground borders can bring goods valued up to 1500 euro for their personal use and not pay customs fees. The weight limit is 50 kg.

From the 1st of January 2019, the limits will be reduced to 500 euros and 25 kg. Furthermore, if a person travels from and to the Belarusian customs area several times within a 3 month period, the limits are further reduced to 300 euros and 20 kg.

Limits for those arriving via air transport will remain the same, 10 000 euros or 50 kg worth of goods. Our readers can see that his measure is meant to reduce the aftermarket sales of goods by Belarusians who visit the Schengen area often and bring goods home with them.

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