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Belarusian High-Tech Park adds 52 residents in fresh round of applications

The Supervisory Board of the Hi-Tech Park made a decision to register 52 companies as HTP residents in December.


More than 20 of these companies plan to develop their own products. Among the newcomers are representatives of various fields, including fintech, medical technology, development of mobile applications and web platforms, e-commerce, gaming, and crypto mining.


One of the largest new investments is Tinkoff Development Center LLC, a software development center of the Tinkoff Group of Companies (Russia), whose capitalization exceeded $ 20 billion in 2021. As a development center for the Innotech group of companies (Russia), Future Technologies LLC will also focus on the creation of software products in the banking sector and fintech.


14 companies with foreign capital, which were established by representatives of Australia, Latvia, USA, Switzerland, became HTP residents.


The High-Tech Park or HTP offers some attractive tax conditions for IT companies that fulfill the necessary conditions for residency. These include significant tax breaks in corporate income tax, VAT, and a cap on social contributions from employees´ salaries which is very attractive for IT companies whose employees generally earn high salaries.


To become a HTP member, it is necessary to undergo a special application process which includes submitting a business plan to the HTP board.


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