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Belarusian laws are compliant with cryptocurrency business

On March 28 this year, Belarusian president Alexandr Lukashenko signed the decree "On the Development of the Digital Economy". This new law brings with it full legal compliance with cryptocurrency businesses, amended accounting practices compliant with crypto, and is aimed to attract foreign investment to the country.

Crypto activities such as mining, exchange services, initial coin offerings and smart contracts are legalized. The issuing, trade and sharing of tokens is not restricted. Furthermore, these activities are deemed tax-free until January 1st, 2023. The prerequisite for taking advantage of these conditions is to register as a resident of the Belarusian High Technology Park (HTP). It is even possible to conduct business fully from abroad, as long as the registration is done.

Residents of the HTP also enjoy benefits such as simplified hiring processes for foreigners and a visa waiver.


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