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Changes planned to Belarusian labor law concerning remote work

The Belarusian Ministry of Labor and Social Protection is planning to propose a bill which will amend the Belarusian labor code in terms of remote work in 2021.

“Improving labor legislation is a natural and necessary process. At the same time, it must take into account current trends and ensure a balance of interests of the state, employers and workers”, the ministry noted.

Some changes to the Labor Code have already entered into force on January 28, 2020. The remote form of work, which is relevant and currently in high demand by employers and employees, was legally enshrined. Opportunities for the temporary relocation of an employee, and the provision of individual social and labor guarantees have been expanded.  

"The next step towards creating conditions for flexible employment of citizens will be the inclusion in the Labor Code of a new mode of work, allowing to combine work in the office and remotely, as well as expanding social and labor guarantees for workers with family responsibilities," the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection said.

The work on the preparation of the relevant bill will be completed in December, after which it will be submitted to the Parliament.


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