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Changes to labor law planned to specify remote working conditions and provide a paid day for medical examinations

The Minister of Labor Law and Social Protection of Belarus, Irina Kostevich spoke recently about planned changes to the labor legislation.

The plans include to provide a paid day for medical examinations for employees. The need for this is cited as being due to the large difference in life expectancy of men and women in Belarus. The difference is approximately ten years. The Ministry said they are “discussing the possibility of including such a norm so that the employee is given one paid day to undergo medical examination” so that more employees would take the opportunity to undergo medical examination.

Last year, Belarus updated its labor law to include norms about remote working. This way of working has become very relevant during the past year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Now the business community and employees have numerous suggestions to improve this legislation as there are clear needs for some updates. The planned changes include having a possibility to enable a mixed mode of work, for example, in the case of a five-day period, a person works three days in the office and two days remotely from the office workplace, or half a day in the office, half a day remotely.

For employees who are parents of large families, the possibility is being studied to provide the right to choose either one additional day off from work a week, as it is now (Art. 265 of the Labor Code), or a reduction in the working day by an hour.


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