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Legal requirements for setting up a company in Belarus

Starting a company in Belarus involves a number of steps, here they are in order. The steps can mostly be completed via power of attorney without actually having to visit Belarus, but of course we recommend to get to know your future place of business and meet the people you are working with.

1. First you have to choose which form on entity best suits your interests. The most common entity is the LLC, but there are others such as representative office, public joint-stock company, and private joint-stock company.

2. Next, you have to get the name of your future company approved in the registering body. Usually this is done by your local legal partner in Belarus.

3. Finding a premesis for your company. Many companies use temporary legal address services until they can get the company registration procedure finished and are actually ready to start conducting business.

4. Set up the managing body and adopt statutory documents (charter, minutes of founders).

5. Submit your documents to the registering body and pass the state company registration procedure.

6. Have your company's seal made.

7. Formalize the employment contract with the company's director (and your other employees)

8. Open bank accounts.

9. Hire an accountant or use outsourcing services.

10. Transfer your initial share capital or loan to the company, and you are ready to start buying furniture!

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