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New personal data protection measures adopted in Belarus

The new norms are stipulated by the Decree No. 422 "On measures to improve the protection of personal data", signed on 28 October. The document updates the norms of the Law No. 99-3 of May 7, 2021 "On the protection of personal data".


The new norms come into force on November 15, 2021. Generally speaking, the new norms provide comprehensive regulation of personal data against a backdrop of liability for non-compliance. The norms are close to the European approach (GDPR) and global trends in this area. However they do have distinctly local features as well.


A National Center for Personal Data Protection will appear in Belarus. The national center is endowed with the status of an authorized body for the protection of the rights of subjects of personal data. In particular, the center is empowered to conduct inspections of compliance with the legislation on personal data, issue written demands (orders) to eliminate identified violations, demand the termination of the processing of personal data, if it is impossible to protect the rights of subjects of personal data by other means.


In addition, the Decree establishes additional measures related to ensuring the protection of personal data. These include, for example, the need for special training by persons whose duties include the protection of personal data and the obligation to keep records of personal data subject to processing by state bodies and other organizations.


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