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Priorbank refuted rumors of sale of their business in Belarus

The press service of Priorbank, which is owned by the Austrian banking conglomerate Raiffaisen Bank International, refuted rumors about the sale of their business in Belarus.

Here is the full message of the bank's press service.

“Raiffeisen Bank International and Priorbank would like to emphasize that the information published on the Infobank portal, as well as in one of the telegram channels, does not correspond to reality. RBI does not negotiate the sale of its subsidiary bank in Belarus, nor does it authorize a third party to do so.

Despite some restrictions, Priorbank's financial results remain high, and the Belarusian market continues to generate significant profits and retain potential for further growth.”

Priorbank is considered one of the best banks in Belarus. Leinonen generally recommends Priorbank for the majority of our clients who are looking to establish a business in Belarus.


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