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The new law on personal information and ADDITIONAL TRAINING FOR EMPLOYEES

As we informed before, the new law on protection of personal data came into force in Belarus on November 15th 2021. According to the new set of rules, the newly established National Center for Personal Data Protection will arrange appropriate training for executives and specialists and persons responsible for the implementation of internal control over the processing of personal data, performing these functions:


in banks and non-bank credit and financial institutions;

in insurance organizations;

from telecommunication operators (with the exception of individual entrepreneurs);

in state and territorial organizations for state registration of real estate;

in the Belarusian Notary Chamber, regional (Minsk city) notary chambers;

in real estate organizations;

in healthcare organizations;

in local executive and administrative bodies;

operators (authorized persons) organizing and (or) processing personal data of at least 10 thousand individuals, with the exception of personal data of employees of these operators (authorized persons) in the course of labor and official activities also need to be trained.


We continue to follow the situation and developments connected with the new requirements closely. As of this moment, the implementation guidelines are unclear, although some information is available as seen above. At Leinonen our personal data protection practices are on a high level and we will continue to arrange internal trainings and inform our clients about new requirements as they become available.


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