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Working in The Minsk High-Technology Park or HTP

1. What is HTP? 

HTP was created in 2005. The high-tech park is part of the territory of the Republic of Belarus with a total area of 55.8 hectares. 

Basic documents regulating the mode of operation of the HTP:

1) Decree of September 22, 2005 N 12 “On the park of high technologies”

2) Decree of December 21, 2017 No. 8 “On the Development of the Digital Economy” 

The principle of exteriority is in the Park - i.e. the company has the right to become a resident and apply benefits outside the envy of where it is located in the territory of Belarus. 

On 12/01/2018. HTP has 388 residents. The preferential treatment extended until January 1, 2049.
Currently, 92% of the software produced in the HTP is exported: 40% is supplied to the USA and Canada, 47% - to European countries, 11% - to Russia and the CIS.

Companies operating in the field of information technology in HTP get preferential treatment by the Republic of Belarus. HTP conditions are better than those of other tax regimes. For example, HTP residents are exempt from basic taxes. 

2.Tax privileges 

HTP residents are exempt from or pay lower following taxes and fees:

- Income tax (normal rate of 18%).

- VAT on sales (normal rate of 20%).

- VAT on the importation of special equipment (normal rate of 20%).

- Land tax for the plots within the boundaries of the HTP for the period of construction of capital buildings.

- Real estate tax in respect of facilities in the territory of the HTP (except objects that are leased) (usual rate of 1%).

- Offshore duty when dividends are paid to their founders (normal rate of 15%).

- Income Tax on foreign organizations (the rate is usually 10% -15%).


The HTP residents have the following reduced rates of taxes and fees:

- Preferential tax rate on the dividends of foreign organizations - 5% (instead of the usual 12%).

- Personal income tax for employees during the calendar year from HTP residents under labor contracts (contracts), as well as incomes of residents of the Park - individual entrepreneurs are subject to income tax on individuals at a rate of 9 percent.

- HTP residents are entitled to compulsory social security contributions are calculated and paid not on an employee’s actual pay, but on the national average, which is several times less than in the Belarusian IT industry.


3. Main responsibilities of the HTP resident 

- In exchange for the benefits provided, residents are required to quarterly deduct 1% of revenue to finance the activities of the HTP Administration.

 - Annually conduct a mandatory audit of the annual accounting (financial) statements and no later than July 1 of the year, submit an audit report to the Park administration

- Annually by February 1 of the year, submit a report on the activities carried out to the Park administration

Residents of the High-Tech Park are not entitled to engage in activities not listed in the Decree. Violation of this rule results in deprivation of the HTP resident status and loss of rights to all benefits.

4. How to become a HTP resident 

To become an HTP resident, you first need to prepare a business project with a description of the company, its history, activities, indicators that the company seeks, etc.


For registration you must submit

- Statement

- Copies of Statutory Documents

- Business project planned for implementation


A business project is a fundamental document. It includes the calculation of the main economic indicators. During the development process, the working group may consult with the Park Administration on the methods and features of its preparation.

The process of joining the HTP may take from 3 months to 1.5 years, depending on the initial position of the organization.


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