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Accounting in Belarus

We believe in synergy. Our accountants work in cooperation with your team to ensure that
all accounting information meets local and international standards. We keep the tax authorities away, so you can concentrate on growing your business while we manage the routinely financial administration of the company. We are a flexible, client orientated and trustworthy partner. Leinonen believes that spot on accounting is the cornerstone of any successful business. High-quality accounting brings transparency and gives management a clear overview of the company’s financial situation. Your team can now focus entirely on their work and bring home even more significant results.


The company CEO has to sign all invoices and papers, or the CEO can appoint someone else to do that on their behalf via a power of attorney. Electronic signatures are not valid for accounting purposes in Belarus.

Unfortunately, these projects are extremely complicated and they involve lots of IT work. Generally it is not advisable to undertake such a project. Many large firms that use their own ERP elect to do double accounting instead because of the costs involved.

We prefer to agree on a document exchange schedule with the client. We can, for example, exchange electronic documents online to execute operations in real time. As original documents are needed for accounting archives in Belarus, we can set up a courier schedule to deliver those once or twice a month.

Yes, all companies are responsible for delivering their statutory reporting and paying taxes on time, which means accounting is needed. All companies also have to have a designated chief accountant (or an accounting company such as Leinonen designated as chief accountant).

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