Leinonen Group Management

Seppo Hämäläinen

Group CEO

  • Mobile +358 50 310 4090
  • seppo.hamalainen(at)leinonen.eu
  • Skype: seppo-hamalainen
  • English, Finnish

Group Sales and Development

Pekka Myllylä

Group Business Development Manager

  • Mobile: +372 58870 150
  • pekka.myllyla(at)leinonen.eu
  • Skype: pekka.myllyla
  • English, Finnish, Estonian

Group Service Management

Kaia Sims

Group Service Manager

  • Mobile: +372 5886 1299
  • kaia.sims(at)leinonen.eu
  • Skype: kaia_sims
  • English, Russian, Estonian

Group Finance

Rita Haggrén

Group Controller

  • Mobile: + 358 40753 1332
  • rita.haggren(at)leinonen.eu
  • English, Finnish, Russian, 
    German, Swedish

Group Marketing

Jari Kallioniemi

Group Marketing Manager

  • Mobile: +372 5855 9700
  • jari.kallioniemi(at)leinonen.eu
  • Skype: jarikallioniemi
  • English, Finnish, Swedish

High Quality Accounting, Payroll and Professional Advisory Services in 11 countries

Eastern Europe and Scandinavia offer a considerable number of investment and business opportunities

There are multiple reasons for business to invest in Eastern Europe. Some companies are attracted by growing economies and the increasingly wealthier middle class. Others simply want to reduce costs or benefit from the relatively skilled labor force. However, as the level of cross border transactions increases, companies want to monitor and control their financials more intensively. A reliable accounting partner becomes a valuable asset.

We have been helping international companies for years in the region. Our accountants and advisors are familiar with the issues that arise in challenging market environments. We will help you discover the full potential of your target markets.

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Latest news

Change in declaration of long-term cross-border services in VAT returns in Estonia Sep 21

The wording of subsection 11 (4) of the Value Added Tax Act (VATA) of Estonia was amended as of 1 July 2016. The amendment pertains in particular to the provision or receipt of long-term cross-border services if no payments are made for the services.