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TOP2 accounting provider in estonia

“Being Estonia´s TOP2 accounting provider, our goal is to offer tailor-made services and to be the best possible partner in the field of accounting, payroll, tax and legal in Estonia.”

A reliable financial management is one of the key cornerstones of a successful business. We in Leinonen Estonia believe that primary duty of a reliable accounting partner is to ensure accurate and timely reporting which enables clients to evaluate business performance and make right decisions.

Leinonen Tallinn office employs over 40 people and serves more than 350 international and local companies operating in Estonia, from individual entrepreneurs to large multinational corporations. Together with Leinonen Latvia and Leinonen Lithuania, we are among the oldest and largest accounting companies operating in the Baltic States. Our accounting, tax and legal teams having different backgrounds ensure the best understanding of company establishment, accounting, payroll, tax, legal issues and problems that your business is facing by providing you the most comprehensive service.

Estonia is a young, entrepreneurial, digitally savvy, and extremely attractive market for foreign companies for many reasons. It is probably the first country in the world that offers e-residency, which helps entrepreneurs around the world to set up and run their businesses in Estonia. E-residency allows to conduct the business remotely as e-registers facilitate reporting and various inquiries (e-tax reporting system, e-statistics, e-health insurance fund, e-credit inquiries, e-land register, e-health information, e-unemployment office, e-banking etc.).

Special characteristics of the Estonian tax system adds attraction to foreign investors as Estonia is probably the only country in the world that has implemented a system where corporations only pay taxes on their distributed dividends. Estonian resident companies and the permanent establishments of foreign entities (including branches) are subject to 20% income tax only in respect to all distributed profits. Read further about Estonian tax rates from our website

If you are looking for a reliable financial advisor with vast knowledge and expertise of local and international accounting regulations and legislation, feel free to contact us for our services.       

Quality standards and softwares, we use

We follow international accounting and business standards and understand the needs of international clients. Our competitive edge is based on long-term experience, quality, and a Finnish background. We provide specialist expertise guiding and supporting international companies entering Estonian or Baltic markets, Estonian companies establishing their businesses abroad, and development of Finnish-Estonian trade.

Leinonen Estonia has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certificate from Bureau Veritas. This certificate confirms that our company has implemented and maintains a management system based on the internationally recognized quality management principles. The system helps us to assure high quality standards of accounting services we provide to our clients.

We have experience with various accounting programs such as Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, iScala, NAV, Hansa, Directo and Briox. But we also provide services with other client specific programs as needed.

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