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Foreigner’s digital identity card

Over 10,000 foreigners have applied for the digital identity card of an e-resident of Estonia in the last 18 months. Foreign nationals can apply for a digital identity without having a place of residence in Estonia. The aim of issuing the digital identity is to promote Estonia’s economic growth, establishing the opportunity to use Estonia’s e-services in a secure manner. The digital identity allows a foreigner to use Estonia’s public and private services and digitally sign documents using a smart card similar to the Estonian ID card. The status of e-resident is advantageous for entrepreneurs, foreign employees, members of the managing bodies of companies operating in Estonia and people holding shares in Estonian companies as well as for electronic identification and accessing e-services.

E-residents can:

  • digitally establish Estonian companies;
  • administer the established company from anywhere in the world;
  • digitally sign documents and contracts;
  • securely encrypt files;
  • verify the authenticity of digitally signed files;
  • use e-banking services and make and receive money transfers (in most situations you need to personally pay a visit to the bank for identification purposes);
  • declare your taxes online.

You can apply for the e-resident digital ID:

  • in the online application environment;
  • at an Estonian Police and Border Guard Board point of service;
  • in a foreign mission of the Republic of Estonia;
  • by mail;
  • by e-mail.

The e-resident digital identity is issued personally to the applicant at a point of service of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board or in a foreign mission of the Republic of Estonia.

Leinonen has experience and can advise you in applying for the digital identity. If you need assistance in applying for the digital identity, do not hesitate to contact us.


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