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Interview with Kaire Rebane, Country Manager for Leinonen Estonia

How do you describe the current business environment in the country? Are any new tax rate or legislation changes influencing it? If so, how?

Estonia has relatively entrepreneur-friendly business environment. All procedures that are required to start a business can be done electronically if client has Estonian ID card and knows how to sign electronically.

There are no significant tax changes foreseen in 2016 related to legal persons. Estonia would like to continue with this tax policy, which has as few exemptions as possible. Tax system must be simple and easily controlled.

What are the biggest benefits for companies to enter the market in 2016?

The biggest attraction for foreign entrepreneur is missing traditional income tax for businesses in Estonia. Tax must be paid only if the value of entrepreneurship is carried out from the company.

What are the key goals for Leinonen in the market in 2016?

To expand our advisory services, be visible and well known as a good and reliable partner in Estonia and in all Baltic Countries.


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