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Leinonen OÜ invited American artist Phillip Martin to visit Tallinn

Phillip Martin painted two walls in Tallinn Technical Secondary School with the help of students of this school, Leinonen Tallinn office staff and his friend John Fewtrell.  

On his home page Phillip Martin tells: 
"Students at the school were prepared for the visit. They had already seen the cartoons on my website. They knew the "look" of the mural and had an idea of what to expect. However, nothing really prepares you for twelve meters of colour on a previously bland wall.

The art teacher was an incredible resource. She sent groups of ten students to help in hourly shifts. My first question with every group was, "Do you speak English?" They all did, every one of them! Even the youngest kids in the grade school did. It eliminated a lot of confusion."

Phillip has painted murals in many countries like for example Namibia, Romania, Moldavia, Albania and Belgium. Next visit he will make to South Africa. He is a real globe-trotter who leaves his paintings in places he visited.

You can find more nice cartoons from Phillip's home page and these are in your use for free.

It was pleasure to cooperate with the Tallinn Technical Secondary School staff and students and hopefully the school family has nice memories and they will enjoy the murals for a long time.


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