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Tax rates and amount of tax-free income in 2015

  • The rate for withholding income tax is 20%.
  • Income exempt from tax is 154 euro.
  • Additional income exempt from tax in the case of pensions is 220 euros per month.
  • Additional income exempt from tax in the case of occupational accident or occupational disease compensation is 64 euros per month (for the implementation of which an application from the person receiving the payment is required).
  • The social tax rate is 33%.
  • The monthly rate on which the minimum social tax obligation is based is 355 euros (instead of the 320 euros valid in 2014) i.e. the minimum obligation of social tax is 117.15 euros per month.
  • The unemployment insurance premium tax is 1.6% for the employee (2% in 2014) and 0.8% for the employer (1% in 2014). The funded pension tax rate is either 2% or 3%.


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