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Using the e-services of the Health Insurance Fund

The electronic forwarding service for the data of certificates of incapacity for work is available for legal entities in the State Portal at

You can log in to the State Portal using your ID card, Mobile ID or via an Internet bank.

If a person listed on the company's registry card (a member of the board or sole representative) logs in to the State Portal they will be automatically given administrator rights enabling them to use all of the services immediately. If the administrator wishes to give the right to use the services to another employee (e.g. the accountant), this can be done in the State Portal. The guidelines on managing user rights for State Portal services are available online here.

If the board member does not have an Estonian ID card, they must prepare and sign an authorisation and application to grant the employee the rights and make the employer the administrator of the company. The authorisation need not be notarised. The authorisation and application must be forwarded to the Estonian Information System Authority at Rävala 5, 15169 Tallinn.


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