Changes in the management team of Leinonen Estonia

Leinonen Estonia´s management team has changed from Aug 2 when Kaire Rebane handed over the position of Country Manager to Pille Kruuk to oversee the company’s operations and customers.

With a long history of working in the logistics and supply chain industry (Posti Group Oyj, UAB Wrigley Baltics, etc.), Pille Kruuk brings her former experiences in managing accounting teams in multiple locations and being skilled in Group Accounting, Forecasting, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), E2E accounting models, and implementing new processes.

With Pille in the Leinonen family, we will have a new member who is experienced in driving efficiency growth and automation rate in accounting processes and finding the best solutions for the best support of our clients. Being Estonia´s TOP2 accounting provider, our goal is to offer tailor-made services and to be the best possible partner in the field of accounting, payroll, tax, and legal in Estonia so that clients can take care of their main businesses with the eased mind.

We are very thankful for Kaire Rebane for all her great work done over the past 7 years building Leinonen Estonia as one of the most preferred accounting providers in Estonia. Thank you again and all the best luck in your new challenges.

Hereby please join us in welcoming Pille Kruuk to Leinonen Estonia´s team and feel free to contact her in any inquiry you may have.

Let’s keep on building fruitful co-operation together!

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