Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania organizing Tax Seminars

February 11th Leinonen Ukraine Office had first taxation seminar in  2015 of latest changes in legislation and taxation.

Land and property tax issues were also discussed like the new Labor Code and topics of Transfer Pricing. Follow our Ukrainian site for next seminars to come.

Leinonen Latvia had Feb 23th a seminar in labour and tax laws for our accounting, financial advisory and audit customers.

Next events to come:
  • Leinonen Latvia: internal taxation seminar in April
  • Leinonen Lithuania: April 16th tax seminar to be repeated in September 2015

See further details on our Lithuanian and Latvian websites.

Leinonen Seminar Series provided valuable insights for Finnish companies about Northern and Eastern Europe markets 

(14 May 2014) 
Together with our partners, Leinonen Group arranged a successful Seminar Series in Finland in April 2014. The objective was to help Finnish Companies enter new international markets: Scandinavia, Central Europe, Baltic States, and Russia.  
All together, 50 companies, and almost 100 people participated the 4 events arranged at Leinonen Finland premises in Helsinki. Finnish companies were the most interested in the Baltic markets: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Some of the reasons described were of course the easiness of setting up and doing business, common currency, open borders, and growing GDP in the region. Naturally, companies were also very interested in doing business in the neighboring countries, Russia and Sweden.

Leinonen Managers in the Seminar about Swedish and Norwegian markets.

"We are very happy that we had an opportunity to introduce our international expertise to Finnish companies. Each European market is different, and successful business abroad always requires good planning, attitude to survive, and reliable partners. This seminar series gathered together brave entrepreneurs and companies that through international efforts create welfare also in their home country", Mika Pyhämäki, Leinonen Group Marketing Manager.
Leinonen Group wants to thank all the participants, speakers, partners and cooperators for making the seminar series happen.   

Seminar Series consisted of four events:

The seminar series was done in cooperation with:  

In each event, gift cards (trip to Tallinn, Estonia) were awarded between participants, and offered by Viking Line and Sokos Hotel Viru. The winners of the free international trips were: 
    • Tuula Koponen
  • Eero Grönroos
  • Ismo Nieminen
  • Timo Malmi

Previous events arranged by Leinonen Group

29.4.14Markkinakatsaukset kasvuyrityksille: 
Venäjän markkinat
15.4.14Markkinakatsaukset Kasvuyrityksille: 
Baltian maat
8.4.14Markkinakatsaukset Kasvuyrityksille:
Skandinavian markkinat
1.4.14Markkinakatsaukset Kasvuyrityksille: 
Keski-Eurooppan markkinat

5.-6.12.Scandinavia Seminar: 
Swedish and Norwegian markets

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Eastern Europe and Scandinavia offer a considerable number of investment and business opportunities

There are multiple reasons for business to invest in Eastern Europe. Some companies are attracted by growing economies and the increasingly wealthier middle class. Others simply want to reduce costs or benefit from the relatively skilled labor force. However, as the level of cross border transactions increases, companies want to monitor and control their financials more intensively. A reliable accounting partner becomes a valuable asset.

We have been helping international companies for years in the region. Our accountants and advisors are familiar with the issues that arise in challenging market environments. We will help you discover the full potential of your target markets.

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