Leinonen Finland

Finland is a member of the European Union and it is the only Nordic country that has adopted the Euro. Low corporate tax rate of 20 % is attracting foreign business to Finland. International companies are warmly welcomed in Finland. When foreign companies enter the Finnish markets they are entitled to the same benefits and grants as Finnish companies.

Innovation thrives in Finland and strong innovation skills generate business results. New businesses are continuously emerging in the gaming, electronics, software, cleantech and health. Moreover Finland is one of the most competitive and open economies of the world.

Finland is one of the least corrupt countries in the world, which is reflected in its business life. The judicial system is independent and impartial: in Finland, you can expect your case to be processed fairly and in accordance with the law. In Finland you can feel safe anywhere, anytime. Companies appreciate Finland’s stable and transparent environment for doing successful business


Authorized accounting firm Leinonen provides specialist expertise guiding and supporting international companies entering Finnish markets, Finnish companies establishing their businesses abroad, and development of Finnish-Estonian and Finnish-Russian trade.

Established as Tehotilit Oy in 1989, Leinonen Finland has become Finland's most international accountancy firm, operating as part of the Leinonen Group in 12 countries. Service in Finland is available in English, Russian, Spanish, Estonian, Swedish and Finnish languages..


Leinonen Finland serves both local and international clients of all sizes.


We have experience with various accounting programs such as Procountor, Visma Nova, NAV, Sonet, Netvisor, Lemonsoft and Directo. We also provide services with other client specific programs as needed.


Leinonen Finland is a member of Association of Finnish Accounting Firms, Finnish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce and an Authorized Accounting Firm. Leinonen is also a partner of Helsinki Business Hub and part of the network of experts of EnterpriseEspoo and EnterpriseVantaa as well as a certified partner of Holvi.


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