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The Finnish office employs 15 experienced international financial management experts who handle your company's financial and payroll administration and other regulatory obligations with solid professional skills. We help our customers to internationalize and assist with various related issues , for instance, the management of labor import and export obligations. Contact us and we will tell you why we are just the right partner for you. 

"Our goal is to be a reliable partner in the field of accounting, payroll tax and legal in Finland."

Reliability means that we keep our promises and take good care of our responsibilities. Being a good partner means that we are flexible in our offering, overcome all the challenging situations, and put value on long relationships. We want to earn our clients' trust and respect by professional service, cooperation, and personal service approach.


Authorized accounting firm Leinonen provides specialist expertise guiding and supporting international companies entering Finnish markets, Finnish companies establishing their businesses abroad, and development of Finnish foreign trade.

Established as Tehotilit Oy in 1989, Leinonen Finland has become Finland's most international accountancy firm, operating as part of the Leinonen Group in 12 countries. Service in Finland is available in Finnish, English, Estonian, Swedish and Russian  languages..


Leinonen Finland serves both local and international clients of all sizes.


We have experience with various accounting programs such as Procountor, Visma Nova, NAV, Sonet, Netvisor, Lemonsoft and Directo. We also provide services with other client specific programs as needed.


Leinonen Finland is a member of Association of Finnish Accounting Firms, Finnish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce and an Authorized Accounting Firm. Leinonen is also a partner of Helsinki Business Hub and part of the network of experts of EnterpriseEspoo and EnterpriseVantaa as well as a certified partner of Holvi.

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