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Interested in expanding into foreign markets?

Leinonen Finland offers a wide range of professional advisory services . We have 25 years of experience in international markets. We are specialists in accounting who can handle many different industry related questions and offer unique possibilities for outsourcing. Moreover, Leinonen takes care of payroll management issues and provides professional advice related to accounting and international business operations.  

We help also companies who are willing to establish business in Finland. Companies are always welcome to contact us if consultation is needed.  We will help you discover the full potential of Finnish market. We have also international work community and we are able to communicate in multiple languages.

Poland markets have been growing in recent years. We organized a breakfast event cooperation with Barona and Spondeo in 20th of May. The event was successful and provided practical information about accounting & taxes, recruiting and starting a business in Poland. Contact us if you are interested in Polish markets.

We are active also in other countries in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. Check our offices here. You can contact us in any questions concerning our services or advisory.   All requests are appreciated and the actual advisory and consultation projects are always thoroughly negotiated on a case by case basis.


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