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Anyone planning to open a business in a foreign country needs to eliminate as many potential problems as possible in order to give their enterprise a fighting chance. In Finland, Leinonen is how you do that.

We provide expert outsourcing services that free you of time-consuming and potentially problematic business processes such as accounting and payroll so you can stay focused on the big picture.

Cross-Border Experience

With more than 34 years of experience dealing with cross-border issues, no one is better qualified to help your enterprise navigate the complex web of laws and regulations waiting at the world's borders.


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More Than 34 Years of Helping Foreign-Owned Businesses to Succeed

Leinonen is an industry leader in business outsourcing in Northern, Central, and Eastern Europe. We currently have 15 employees in our Finland office and more than 200 long-term clients. We have more than 34 years of experience helping foreign-owned businesses in this part of the world rise above their limitations. In total, we have helped more than 100+ clients register businesses in Finland.

We understand the challenges of operating in a foreign country and have crafted our services to address those areas where most foreign businesses encounter compliance issues or end up spending too much time trying to flatten the learning curve. 

We are proud to provide a high-quality, tailor made service with excellent communication and reliability. When you work with Leinonen, you can be confident in the knowledge that you have a stable, long-term partner supporting you in Finland.

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Besides simplifying cross-border commerce for your Finnish enterprise outsourcing key processes to Leinonen will pay additional, equally important benefits:

Peace of Mind & Confidentiality

Knowing that time-consuming, potentially problematic processes such as accounting and payroll management will be handled properly with care will allow you to breathe a little easier. The issue of data security is foremost in everyone’s minds these days. When you partner with Leinonen, you can be certain that your confidential company information will stay confidential.


A business with a solid foundation, that never drops the ball on payroll and that can rely on the quality of their management reporting, is a more stable one with a bright future.


Your staff will be paid on time, accounting errors won’t be coming back to haunt you and your business will be consistently compliant when it comes to tax liability.

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Reassure your expanding operations will be manageable and profitable

Our network of highly trained and experienced accountants and lawyers in different countries will support your company on an ongoing basis while minimizing your cost.

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