Are you prepared for the Incomes Register from January 1, 2019?

What does the Incomes Register mean in practice? 

In practice, the implementation of the Incomes Register means that companies have to report all salary data in real time after each payment. If an accounting firm does the reporting on behalf of your company, you must authorize it to use the Incomes Register. 

You must report within five days of:

– paying a salary
– paying travel costs and/or per diems
– fringe benefits such as company car or phone on a monthly basis (must be reported even if no salary is paid)
– paying salary advances (also withholding taxes, pension fees and unemployment insurance costs must be deducted)

You should consider how many times per month e.g. travel expenses are reimbursed, as each payment has to be reported on time. 

E-government services will change
The use of Katso ID will terminate by the end of 2019. It will be replaced with authorization and identification.
Instead of Katso identifiers, strong identification will be used, i.e. e-identification provided by a bank or mobile phone operat

or. Alternatively, a specific e-identification card can be used. Foreigners unable to use these identification methods will continue to use Katso IDs during 2019, but a new Katso role must be created for Incomes Register reporting. 

A ready-made solution from Leinonen 
If you want to ensure that the payroll of your company will be taken care of in accordance with the requirements of the Incomes Register from January 1, 2019, we can help you.

We will be happy to offer you an easy and trustworthy solution. Contact Leinonen and ask us for an offer!

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