Nordic Business Forum 2015

The Nordic Business Forum of 2015 will be held on 1th and 2nd of October in Helsinki Exhibition and Convention center. Once again the two-day event will be gathering talented and inspirational individuals from multiple business fields. With the help of the speakers, the seminar wishes to provide the participants with experiences that encourage them to develop themselves and acquire new ideas and build up valuable connections. Unfortunately Leinonen Group won’t be present at this years’ seminar, but we will be present in spirit and attempt to take part in future events.

Nordic business forum seminar is built around a main theme. In the seminar of 2014 the theme was Forward, focusing on sub-topics of choosing excellence, building the future and growing with purpose. This years’ event is based around the theme Impact; “The businesses with the strongest impact for the better, will be the ones to succeed”. Once again the main theme has been divided into sub-topics about Strategy, distribution and influence.

We at Leinonen would strongly recommend anyone who is interested in business or looking for new ideas, to either participate in the event or familiarize themselves with the subjects discussed during the event.  For those who are interested, you can download written summaries of past Nordic business forum seminars here.

Since the first Nordic business forum held in 2010, the event has been steadily growing into one of the most significant business seminars in Europe. Last year the event was sold out, with approximately 5300 people attending the main event, there were also hundreds of people watching the seminar through live stream.  

This year’s event has also been already been sold out with more than 5500 registered attendees. While the event has been sold out you can still register for the live streaming service of the event. Alternatively you can follow the Finnish MTV broadcast stream of the live stage, keep in mind that some of the program is only limited to those who have registered to the live stream service. The schedule and stream link can be found here.  

For more information on the Nordic business forum, you can visit the official web page.

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