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Two Finnish companies are heading to the Nordic accounting market. Procountor, a provider of cloud-based accounting software and international accounting office Leinonen Group signed a significant co-operation agreement at Procountor’s Accounting Office Day. The event took place in Nordic Business Forum on 6th October 2016 in Helsinki.

Leinonen Group is expanding its e-accounting services in the Nordic market using Procountor software.

“This agreement is significant in accounting business. It is inspiring to start a co-operation with the leading accounting service provider who has a long and all-round experience in accounting industry also internationally”, says Mikko Siivola, CEO of Procountor.

Procountor was established in 2001 to make financial management easy, reliable and efficient for companies and accounting offices. Although the market in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark are similar in many ways, there are certain differences that have to be noted. That is why each country is using a localized version of Procountor software.

Cloud-based electronic financial management supports co-operation between the customer company and the accounting office in all Nordic countries. Customer company can see the real time financial management of their subsidiaries with a single sign-in. Customer benefits as the software, reporting and the user interface are the same no matter the country.

Leinonen is Finnish private-owned accounting and advisory company, established in 1989. Leinonen offers reliable accounting, payroll, advisory, administration, and audit services in 11 countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Russia and Ukraine. The deep local expertise and personal service, combined with wide international presence, is Leinonen’s strength.

In co-operation with Procountor, Leinonen can provide services based on common software platform in all Nordic countries. “It was very important for us to find a platform which we can use in several countries. We believe that this is a best way to add value for you international clients” says Petteri Leinonen, the Chairman of the Board. “I strongly believe that Procountor is the best partner for us, and I really look forward our journey together”, Leinonen continues.

Procountor is a Nordic provider of cloud-based accounting software. Procountor operates in Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The company offers the software and related services with a single agreement. Procountor software is already used by over 16,000 companies and 600 accounting offices in the Nordics.

Leinonen Group is international Accounting Service provider. Leinonen offers accounting, payroll, advisory, administration, and audit services with 180 professionals in 13 offices in 11 countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Russia and Ukraine. 

Additional information:

Mikko Siivola
tel: 020 787 9838

Petteri Leinonen
Chairman of Board
Leinonen Group
tel: +358 400 107 405

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