Service: Streamlining Digital Access to Finnish Public Services

In an era dominated by technology, governments worldwide are striving to digitize their services to enhance accessibility and efficiency. Finland, known for its technological advancements, has introduced the, a comprehensive e-service platform aimed at providing seamless access to a wide range of public services.

In this article, we will delve into the key aspects of this innovative platform, including its history, benefits, application process, and its reception among foreign entities.

A Brief History

The is a relatively new addition to Finland’s digital landscape, having been active for approximately five years. It emerged as a replacement for the previous KATSO-service, driven by an increasing need to offer a broader range of electronic services to both citizens and businesses. This transition marked a significant step towards the government’s commitment to providing efficient and accessible digital services to its constituents.

Government Support and Popularity

The Finnish government has been actively supportive of the, recognizing its potential to revolutionize how citizens interact with public services. The platform’s popularity has steadily grown since its inception, with more and more individuals and organizations benefiting from its user-friendly interface and extensive service offerings.

Foreign companies have become aware of the, although it is more common for them to grant a mandate to a Finnish partner, such as an accounting office, to represent them within the platform. This approach facilitates smoother collaboration and ensures compliance with Finnish regulatory requirements.

Benefits of Service

One of the key advantages of the is its consolidation of all digital public services in one accessible location. This streamlined approach allows users to easily manage authorizations, making it simple to grant or terminate access as needed. This unified platform minimizes the complexity of navigating various government services individually.

Steps to Join Service

For foreign individuals seeking to join the, a few steps are required:

  • Read the instructions provided on the service website.
  • Register in the Finnish Authenticator Identification Service by clicking on the website’s registration link.
  • Download the Finnish Authenticator App from your preferred app store (available on iOS and Android).
  • Verify your identity using the application by taking a photo of yourself alongside your official identity document (typically a passport, or in select cases, an ID card).

Limitations and Misconceptions

It’s important to note that there are currently limited services available for foreign individuals within the Additionally, the Authenticator does not replace Finnish online banking IDs. However, the availability of services for foreign individuals is anticipated to expand in the future.

The has proven to be an invaluable tool for accessing a wide array of digital public services. Its user-friendly interface and centralized approach make it a convenient solution for individuals and businesses alike. With just one login, users can efficiently handle nearly all their administrative needs.


The stands as a testament to Finland’s commitment to modernizing its public services. Its user-centric design and comprehensive offerings make it a valuable resource for citizens and businesses alike. As the platform continues to evolve, it is expected to play an even greater role in shaping the future of digital governance in Finland.

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