Tehotilit is now Leinonen!

Tehotilit Oy is a professional, authorized accounting service provider in Helsinki. Company was established in 1989 and it provides services to Finnish and international SME´s. We are a part of Leinonen Group that provides accounting, payroll, and advisory services in 11 countries – in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia and in Ukraine.

Leinonen has been growing steadily for last years. Especially the number of foreign customers has been growing. Our goal is to assist international companies to establish their presence in Finnish markets and help them to succeed with their operations in Finland. Especially Russian and Estonian companies have been shown their interest for our services.

To clarify our international group connection and to strengthen our brand as Leinonen also in Finland we will start using name Leinonen instead of Tehotilit in marketing and communication. From the 1st of September, all our old company email addresses firstname.lastname@tehotilit.fi will be converted to new form firstname.lastname@leinonengroup.fi,and you will find our homepage at www.leinonengroup.fi.

Our legal entities in Finland – Tehotilit Oy and Leinonen Suomi Oy – will remain the same also in the future.

For more information:

Kirsi Karrakoski
Managing Director
+ 358 44 7451 350

Marko Kuivalainen
Marketing and Sales Assistant
+358 44 7451 356

Wishing you prosperous autumn
Leinonen Finland

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