Trying to set up an in-house accounting department for your foreign-owned business in Finland is a waste of time. Instead, outsource your accounting to the professionals at Leinonen. You can rest easy knowing all work will be performed to local accounting standards.

Accounting Services in Finland

Before you open a representative office, retail outlet, production facility, high-tech firm, or other business entity in Finland, you will need to secure first-class accounting services. Finland is an EU country and accounting here must follow the same International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) as elsewhere in the EU. But like all countries, Finland still has some of its own unique rules and regulations when it comes to economic matters. If you want your company to thrive here, you will need an accounting firm on your side that understands every detail of the market. That company is Leinonen. 

Cross Border Accounting Services in Finland

By outsourcing their accounting needs to Leinonen, our clients enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Significant savings as compared to maintaining their own accounting department.
  • Full transparency at every stage of the accounting process.
  • The flexibility to grow with your business and change when you change.
  • Useful insights into the financial details of your operation.
  • The ability to make your business processes more efficient.
  • The peace of mind that comes from knowing your confidential information is safe.
  • The ability to create more accurate business plans going forward.
  • Outstanding customer service that’s just a phone call away.

Why Foreign-Owned Businesses Choose Leinonen

Finland is the home of Leinonen; it’s where we started our business more than 30 years ago. Since then, we have helped businesses with financial management, mergers and acquisitions, company registration and other key business processes. 

We understand the needs of foreign-owned businesses better than most. We’re also better suited than most to satisfy those needs. Our accounting and bookkeeping services enable companies operating in Finland to focus on important things like product development instead of wasting their time trying to track down accounting errors. 

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No one is better suited to offer accounting services in Finland to foreign-owned businesses than the professionals at Leinonen. Every member of our Finnish staff is highly trained and has a complete understanding of Finnish accounting practices. Our services will enable you to avoid many of the issues that cause problems for other companies. Get in touch today.

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