Legal Services

Our in-house staff are able to handle most day-to-day issues that arise with your business. However, whenever needed, we can also put you in touch with trusted local law firms with a history of successfully working on behalf of foreign-owned businesses.

Legal Services in Finland

Business owners should never enter a foreign market without first lining up expert legal services. Having first-class legal services on your side can smooth the way with all kinds of government agencies and provide necessary protection for your intellectual property and other key parts of your business. Leinonen’s legal services in Finland are designed to enable the integration of foreign-owned businesses into the country and to come to their defence when needed.

Cost-Effective Legal Services in Finland

At Leinonen, we’re all about making things simpler and more cost-effective for our clients. Our legal services are designed to fit that trend. We’re by your side when you need us to be, and just a phone call away the rest of the time. We help improve your relationship with various government agencies, ensure any contracts you sign with local business entities protect your interests, and provide advice when you need it on everything from international business law to immigration law.

The Many Benefits of Leinonen Legal Services

Regardless of the size or type of your business, you will find that enlisting Leinonen’s legal services provides a wealth of benefits including:

  • The hassle-free onboarding of essential foreign staff members
  • A simple and fast company registration process
  • Expert help in acquiring your tax identification number
  • Invaluable help negotiating both supplier and employment contracts
  • Equally valuable assistance negotiating leases for office, retail or other types of space
  • Robust protection of your company’s intellectual property
  • Determined defence of your interests in any court proceedings
  • Up-to-date, accurate advice regarding GDPR compliance

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For legal services in Finland you can rely on, get in touch with Leinonen today. We provide expert legal advice for those doing business in Finland and have experience with all types of legal matters affecting foreign-owned companies here. Give your Finnish enterprise the best possible chance of thriving by taking advantage of Leinonen’s legal services.

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