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3 Special Features Of Employee Benefits in 2021

For three reasons, it is really worth using the possibilities provided by the Széchenyi Recreation Card now. The most popular benefit system is connected to a payment card with three sub-accounts: accommodation, catering and recreation. Each pocket has individual annual limits with tax discounts. One can pay from the various sub-accounts in the related enterprises: hotels, restaurants, spas, museums, theme parks etc.

The government strongly supports the re-launch of domestic tourism, therefore it set the following conditions for 2021:

1. The annual amount of the benefit that can be granted with reduced taxation is HUF 800,000 instead of HUF 440,000 per person.

2. No social contribution tax is payable on the benefit within the annual budget, ie 15.5% less is paid by the employer.

3. The sub-accounts of the card can be used freely, ie there is no restriction on which pocket we can spend on. For example, the recreation account can be used in restaurants, or catering to pay the hotel room.

Employees really like this benefit programme, and it can enhance the re-launch of the domestic tourism, especially in the summer holiday season.


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