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Details Of The Measures Vol. 2

The government decree about the subsidies of reduced work time was published a few days ago.

The employer and the employee together can apply for the subsidy at National Labour Service with the following conditions:

  •  The employer must be registered at least 6 months earlier.
  •  The employee is already employed on the first day of the emergency.
  •  The daily work time can be reduced from 8 to 4 or more hours.
  •  Employer must provide the employee with time for individual training time in 30 percent of the reduced time, and salary must be paid for it.
  •  Employer must guarantee the number of employees during the subsidy plus one more month.
  •  Employer must present that the business dropped and keeping the employees is vital for the economy. The past and future steps to handle the crisis are also to be presented.
  •  Employer must have used all other tools to reschedule the work time.
  •  The employee should not be subject to any other labour subsidy when the apllication is filed.
  •  The subsidy is for a period of 3 months.
  •  The maximum amount of the subsidy is based on the double of the actual minimum salary, approximately HUF 75 thousand per month per person.
  •  The subsidy is not payable for the period of unpaid leave.

The original text of the governemt decree in Hungarian is available here.

These are the main points but if you need further information, please contact us.


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