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Labour Law - Special Regulations

In this post, we shortly describe the special regulations in force during the emergency due to the pandemic. The package published on 18 March made certain immediate and temporary amendments in the Hungarian Labour Code. The following rules are in force until the 30th day after the end of the emergency.

  • The employer may alter a work schedule of the employees even in a way different from the normal rules laid down in section 97 (5) of the labour Code (without 15 days notice).
  • The employer may unilaterally order employees to work at home or to work remotely.
  • The employer may take necessary and justified measures for checking the health of employees.
  • As long as this decree is in force, these rules overwrite the referring different provisions of collective agreements.
  • In a separate agreement, the employee and the employer may depart from the provisions of the Labour Code.

These regulations aim to increase the flexibility in the relationship between employers and employees and to improve the safety of the employees. If you need furher information, please contact us.



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