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Payroll Management in Hungary

Money is a sensitive matter, and managing employee salaries should always be handled with the utmost care, confidence, and punctuality. Payroll management in Leinonen is conducted by experts who are always up to date with the latest changes in the local legislation.

Payroll management serves your best interests when linked to your accounting services. Diligently and correctly managed employee salaries don’t only save your time and effort, but also affect employee satisfaction positively.

As the employment regulations, requirements and agreements are country-specific and have the tendency of changing rapidly, extensive hands-on local expertise is required.

Payroll Administration means tiresome and ever changing activities, i.e., applying employment laws, monitoring local requirements, preparing contracts and maintaining employee records. With Leinonen on your side you don’t need to, we will do it for you.


New employees must be registered for social insurance before they start work on their first day. Delayed registration can result in penalty.

Yes, we have templates that comply with the local requirements. Work contract is a sensitive case, so we encourage you to discuss it with us.

Yes. Foreign companies can register as employers, and we can provide all the necessary services.

The basic rule is no. There are a few exceptions for a few days, but it is the employer’s job to ensure that the employees use their holidays before the end of each year.

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