Extension of First Economic Aid Package

The government decided to add six more points to the first economic aid package on 23 March.

  1.  Beside the taxi drivers, another 81 thousand small private enterprises are vaiwed to pay the monthly fix KATA tax until June. Several business activities are on the list, such as doctors, dentists, artists, sports trainers, hoteliers, meeting planners, contruction contractors etc. Their insurance remain valid during this period. The next KATA tax payment will be due on 12 August.
  2.  Those who made KATA debt before 1 March, will receive a payment delay until the end of emergency, and then they shall settle it in 10 months.
  3.  Similar to the tourism and hospitality sectors, further businesses are free from payroll tax (social insurance contribution) until June: artistic and entertainment activities, production of films, music publishing, gamblers, publishing of newspapers and periodicals, broadcasting.
  4.  Evictions and seizures are suspended. Tax enforcement will also be suspended until the end of the emergency.
  5.  The various maternity benefits that expire during the emergency are extended until the end of the emergency, so these families are not left without support.
  6.  The maximum amount payable by Paypass cards without a PIN will increase from HUF 5,000 to HUF 15,000. it is compulsory for the banks, the deadline is 15 April.

If you wish to know further details, please contact us.

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