Interview with András Jurányi, Country Manager for Leinonen Hungary

How do you describe the current business environment in the country? Are any new tax rate or legislation changes influencing it? If so, how?

The business environment is getting better and better, the taxes are decreasing. For example, the personal income tax decreased from 16% to 15% in 2016. New investments are coming, GDP is growing more than the average in EU.

What are the biggest benefits for companies to enter the market in 2016?

The government wants to support the newly established companies, the bureaucracy is decreasing, business administrations is more electric, trustable and highly educated labour for a reasonable price.

What are the key goals for Leinonen in the market in 2016?

We can provide international business administration services for a reasonable price. We want to serve international Clients who want to grow, we can provide full scale of accounting with taylor-made services. Our goal is to increase our operations with more Clients and more staff.

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