The usual raise of minimum wages arrived in January.

There was a dynamic raise of both minimum wages and the general wage level in Hungary in the recent years. It was necessary to close the gap to the EU average. The minimum wages increased by 56% in the last 5 years, while the guaranteed wage of skilled workers raised by 61% in this period. It was a key question what would happen in 2023 in the current economical situation and under the highest inflation of the last decades. The parties finally agreed in the following.

The minimum wage for any kind of full time job is HUF 232,000 gross per month, while that for jobs requesting any special skills is HUF 296,400 per month. In the case of part-time employment, proportionally smaller amounts apply.

Although the vast majority of the wages are much higher than the above minimum amounts, it is an important KPI of the national economy.

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