Upgrade Of Kurzarbeit Subsidies

Based on the reactions of companies and representative associations, the government significantly amended the decree about the subsidies of shortened work time.

  • The reduction of work time can be 15 to 75 percent. It means that 8 hours per day can be reduced to even 2 hours per day. The sibsidy is 70 percent of the list salary, the upper limit is based on the double of the monthly minimum wage for 3 months.
  • The individual training time should only be porovided if the reduction is less than 50 percent. This training is due within 2 years.
  • Employer’s obligation to guarantee the headcount only applies to the subsidised positions.
  • The subsidy can be claimed for remote work and home office as well.
  • The application is also easier: it is not nevessary to present the past and future measures of employer to handle the crisis.The only request is to describe that the subsidy is necessary to maintain the continuous operation of the company and that it is directly hit by the crisis.

On top of the above, various loans will soon be available with 0.1 to 0.5 percent interest to finance the payroll costs, stocks and investments of the companies.

If you need further details or information, contact us directly.

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