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Our legal services can help you with everyday legal issues that arise from securing visas to negotiating lease agreements. Should circumstances call for specialised legal representation, we reach out to trusted local partners from the most reputable firms.

Legal Services in Hungary

Anyone who has ever tried to establish and operate a foreign-owned business in any country will tell you how important proper legal representation is. Even small issues can quickly grow into a crisis, while trying to negotiate contracts by yourself with local suppliers can be a long, drawn-out process that uses up resources and leaves you vulnerable to lawsuits. 

Leinonen have more than 30 years of experience helping foreign businesses enter markets across Northern, Central and Eastern Europe. We know how important it is to find legal services in Hungary you can trust.

The Importance of Expert Legal Services in Hungary

Foreign-owned businesses account for a significant portion of Hungarian exports and private-sector job creation. The government here understands the importance of working with foreign entities but neither government officials nor Hungarian suppliers, property owners, banks or others are going to simply approve absolutely everything a foreign business owner wants to do. Avoiding any disagreements is impossible, and whether you can withstand them could depend on the quality of your local legal representation.

Dependable Legal Services in Hungary

It’s an unfortunate fact that many different legal issues can arise in the course of doing business in a foreign market. We cooperate with an expert legal office in Hungary that can provide a wide range of legal services for our clients covering everything from general business law to personal data law, real estate law, immigration law, tax law and more.

At Leinonen, we understand what’s at stake and always help to find reliable legal guidance for foreign clients. Companies often rely on legal services in Hungary to help them with:

  • Immigration issues including residence permits and visas.
  • Negotiating contracts with local suppliers or manufacturers.
  • Help with acquiring an all-important tax ID number.
  • Negotiating or reviewing leases for office, retail, or production space.
  • Protecting their intellectual property.
  • Ensuring compliance with the EU’s GDPR regulations.
  • Defending the company and its staff members from lawsuits.

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