Leinonen Kazakhstan: Company Establishment, Accounting, Payroll, and More

Setting up a foreign-owned entity in Kazakhstan can be simple with the right help. At Leinonen, we assist from the initial setup of your business to handling your accounting and payroll. We provide outsourcing solutions to ensure your operation is efficient, flexible, and competitive from Day 1.

Our Mission

We offer high-quality accounting and financial management services, enabling clients to focus on their core business.

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The Many Benefits of Working with Leinonen

Greater Versatility

The financial clarity we provide will enable you to better anticipate future developments and respond quickly and effectively to changing market dynamics.

Strict Compliance

Compliance with local laws and deadlines, which are strict. Tax authorities are unforgiving. 

Streamlined Compliance

Our specialists make the local requirements easy to understand and there is more time for running your business instead of dealing with bureaucracy.

Service in English 

All our employees speak English at a professional level to ensure smooth communication with clients.

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Get proactive advice from a cross-border expert who speaks your language & understands your business

Greater financial clarity

The dependably high quality of our accounting, payroll, management reporting and other services will provide you with a clear picture of your company finances.

Greater financial security

When operating in a foreign market you need to maintain oversight of company funds. Leinonen act as a reliable third party overseeing your company accounts and ensuring all financial activity is above board.

Local expertise

It’s not just events at the border that will impact your Kazakh business. Our team keep a sharp eye on local developments to ensure you are not caught off guard by changes to regulations or applicable laws.

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Reassure your expanding operations will be manageable and profitable

Our network of highly trained and experienced accountants and lawyers in different countries will support your company on an ongoing basis while minimizing your cost.

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