eInvoicing in Kazakhstan: Essential Knowledge for Financial Success


Welcome to the digital evolution of invoicing. eInvoicing is transforming how businesses handle transactions, offering a faster, more efficient method than traditional paper-based processes. This introduction spotlights how eInvoicing operates within Kazakhstan, providing vital insights for businesses navigating this progressive landscape.

eInvoicing’s Emerging Presence in Kazakhstan:

In Kazakhstan’s business infrastructure, eInvoicing is the use of digital documents for accounting, specifically electronic waybills and service completion acts which are documents specific to Kazakhstan´s accounting regulations. “Traditional” invoices that have legal standing in accounting in for example the EU serve merely to convey payment information and lack legal standing in financial documentation in Kazakhstan. For compliance, firms must adopt these documents, which adhere to Kazakhstan’s specific legal norms, to reflect their financial activities accurately. For efficiency and time-saving purposes, it is possible to issue and receive them in digital form.

The Legal Framework of eInvoicing in Kazakhstan:

In Kazakhstan, the law mandates a specific eDocuments for accounting: the electronic act of acceptance for goods or services rendered (eAVR). These must meet set norms and are issued via IS ESF, the state’s official portal.

Private eDocument services can operate, too, but must get tax authority certification.

The Advantages of eInvoicing for Kazakhstani Businesses:

For Kazakhstani businesses, using eAVR brings significant advantages. It streamlines processes, reducing the time spent on transactions and cutting down on costs related to printing and storing physical documents. Automated matching of payments and receipts simplifies financial reconciliation. Furthermore, eInvoicing enhances confidentiality and gives businesses precise control over document tracking, allowing them to verify when an invoice is delivered and signed.

The Role of eInvoicing in Accounting and Financial Management:

Using eAVR minimizes the risk of discrepancies during tax audits. By replacing paper, electronic waybills, and acts make every transaction clear and traceable, reducing the chance of rejected VAT claims or expense deductions. The Electronic Acts for Provision of Services/Products (eAVR) system is vital. Tax authorities rely on it for audits, foregoing the need for physical documents and streamlining the entire auditing process.

Adopting eInvoicing in Kazakhstan:

To switch to eInvoicing in Kazakhstan, businesses should assess their capacity for electronic documentation and prioritize client ease. Developing in-house electronic invoicing systems is an option, but they must adhere to eAVR legal standards. Accountants favor eInvoicing over paper due to its efficiency and reliability. The transition involves following the ESF portal’s guidelines or selecting certified private platforms, ensuring legal compliance and smoother financial operations.

The Enhanced Security of eInvoicing:

In Kazakhstan, safeguarding eInvoicing involves strict security measures. Tax authorities oversee the security of Electronic Acts for Provision of Services/Products (eAVR), ensuring safe and trustworthy transactions. For other eDocuments, the service provider is responsible for security measures.

Common Software for eInvoicing in Kazakhstan:

Kazakhstan’s eInvoicing landscape features software approved by tax authorities to ensure compliance. For general eDocument management, businesses can choose from platforms like Agreement 24, Uchet KZ, 1С:Bit, and Idocs.kz. Additionally, document management systems such as 1С: Document Flow, ELMA365, Euridok, and QDoc cater to diverse business needs.

How Kazakhstan Supports eInvoicing across Industries

eInvoicing in Kazakhstan is particularly essential for large enterprises, especially those in wholesale, accounting, consultancy, recruitment, and those involved in government procurement. It’s also crucial for firms dealing with labeling and goods monitoring. This digital practice supports businesses in scaling efficiently, ensuring compliance, and enhancing their operational workflows.

For developing companies, eInvoicing offers a competitive edge, streamlining sales and services for growth and sustainability.

Going Digital: Leinonen Kazakhstan Is Here to Help

eInvoicing is transforming Kazakhstan’s business landscape, making financial transactions more efficient and transparent. As the country moves forward, embracing eInvoicing is crucial for businesses seeking streamlined operations and enhanced compliance.

Leinonen Kazakhstan is dedicated to supporting this transition, providing expert services to facilitate a smooth changeover. For personalized assistance and to begin your journey towards digital financial management, contact us at Leinonen Kazakhstan today!

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