Leinonen invites clients to our first Kazakhstan-themed webinar 

As our clients already know, Leinonen has been operating in Kazakhstan since 2021. Our office in Almaty is growing along with our clients´ interest in the Kazakhstani market. Right now the country is especially interesting for companies operating in the hydrocarbon and mining industry, the IT industry which is growing rapidly in Kazakhstan, as well as for providers of various high-quality services and goods that are in demand in the market. From our position we see many companies who used to just export something to Kazakhstan now coming in to establish local operations. This is usually done with the aim of boosting sales to Kazakhstan and the Central Asian region and to have better knowledge of local partners and customers. 

In Kazakhstan, Leinonen cooperates with Continental Legal Firm to provide a one-stop-shop of services for our clients. We are able to arrange turn-key solutions for establishing a company or other legal presence, to open bank accounts, and to set up accounting and payroll support so that your business runs without unnecessary headaches. We can also help you plan the smartest way to establish a presence in the whole Central Asian region. 

Now we would like to invite our clients and all interested parties to our first Kazakhstan-themed webinar. The topic of the webinar is How to start a business in the Kazakhstani market. 

This webinar will be interesting for you, if you are: 

  • Considering to start a business in Kazakhstan or otherwise interested in the country and region; 
  • Already operating in Kazakstan, wishing to widen your sphere of contacts in the country. 

To registrate for the webinar please fill out the form HERE.

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