The law “On the republican budget for 2023-2025”, which was signed by the President of Kazakhstan on December 1, establishes the minimum wage, MCI and other calculated indicators for the period.

So, from January 1, 2023, the following will enter into force:

the monthly minimum wage is 70,000 tenge, approx. 140 EUR at the current exchange rate;

the minimum pension is 53,076 tenge;

the subsistence minimum for calculating the size of basic social payments is 40,567 tenge.

It was also established that funds allocated for pension payments by age and pension payments for long service are provided for with an increase in their size by 10.5%.

The amount of state contributions for compulsory social health insurance payable to the Social Health Insurance Fund is 1.8% of the object of calculation of state contributions.

The monthly amount of monetary compensation for the maintenance of housing and payment of utility bills to military personnel (except military servicemen) and employees of special state and law enforcement agencies, the state courier service will be 3,739 tenge.

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